'27' by Annette Wilson *LIMITED EDITION*


'27' by Annette Wilson *LIMITED EDITION*


A carefully curated collection of 27 personal, purposeful, pocket-sized poems which speak to the heart, with pretty pictures to match. The first of its kind in a new series.

Included with your *exclusive*, never-to-be-printed-this-way-again, single copy of a run of only 27 copies of ‘27’, you will receive a:

  • handwritten note or poem penned just for you, by Annette, inside the front cover

  • custom, handmade bookmark with ’27’ poem artwork details and lovely mustard fringing to boot

  • ’27’-sized drawstring muslin book pouch with small hand-embroidered details to keep your pocketful of poetry safe inside your backpack

  • surprise dried flower pressed between the pages of a poem Annette relates most to you

  • 6x4” matted print of said poem

  • and perhaps a sneaky kiss on the package’s exterior before it is sent in the mail in your direction. To be determined.

5 x 8” hardcover book
60 x full-colour pages- a feast for thirsty eyes.
Each copy is custom and made-to-order
Shipping commences October 25th

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