So your new baby is born, or maybe your parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, or perhaps your boy just put a ring on it. Whatever the occasion, this mortal life is as fleeting as it is beautiful- and a portrait session is the perfect way to keep this sliver of time alive for years and generations to come.

A family portrait session should be:

  • considered an investment- something that will increase in value over time. A small price to pay for something completely priceless
  • handled by a photographer whose work not only speaks to your soul, but will file, organize, process and deliver your photos in a professional and timely manner, so that they'll last the ages.. even if Uncle Bob does have a nice camera, his profession is still a dentist and you wouldn't hire a photographer to take your wisdom teeth out, now would you? 

And most importantly, a family portrait session should be:

  • enjoyable, memorable, and a treasured opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate existing relationships, made manifest in the creation of honest, personal, timeless images

SESSION includeS:

  • On-location portrait session by Annette Wilson
  • Full set of 100+ high-resolution, professionally processed digital photo files in both colour and B&W with printing rights
  • Delivery of images within 4 weeks of shoot date
  • Online password-protected, shareable photo gallery, with options for you and/or your friends & family to order prints + other products directly & hassle-free
  • Cloud storage of images for 2+ years
  • Complimentary personalised photo book design

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Portrait session creative fee is *€120.00 and will be added to any of the following selections (eg. Standard = €120 + €300 = €420) Prints can be ordered individually via online gallery within 6 months of the session All shoots include up to 6 people + €50p/H above that Prints can be ordered individually via online gallery within 6 months of the session
eg. Emily-best friend, Joel-brother(9), Sue-mother, Leon-father. List names, relations and ages (if noteworthy- eg. children)
eg. He reminds me of who I really am, grounds me but at the same time helps me keep my head up above the clouds. Share how you know one another
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eg. My Christmas Cards will be sorted months in advance, I'll finally have a new Facebook profile picture, my family will be all together again after 8 years apart
Important family politics to be shared prior to the session, illnesses, injuries to be aware of, intended end use of images, specific photos you've always dreamed of having taken, etc