Take your photography, post-processing and creativity to the next level- learn one-on-one from Annette!

the 5,5,5 Mentorship PROGRAM:

Through 5 x 55 minute sessions with Annette in her studio in Berlin, or via Skype otherwise, you will learn to:

  • Take photos which live and breathe well past the moment they were taken in

  • Find your photographic voice in an image-saturated world

  • Declutter your frame to produce professional, meaningful photography

  • Work efficiently with your digital camera in any given situation

  • Post-process quickly, correctly, beautifully and in an organised manner

  • Any other topic you’d like to discuss- each student’s course is personally tailored to suit their professional and personal needs

Mentorship- The 5, 5, 5 Pack
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  • 5 x 55 minute personal tutorial sessions with annette

  • 5 professional headshots for you to use online (if local or pre-arranged)

  • 5 Quick-Tip PDF summaries on the topics covered

  • 5 basic Lightroom presets custom-created by Annette according to your very own personal photographic aesthetic

  • 55% off your next Photoshoot booked with Annette. valid for 12 months

Limited to 5 students in 2018.
Book now to avoid disappointment.