So you want to learn how to:

  • Make travel personal and purposeful.. by way of building real, lasting human relationships and having it ridden with service
  • Feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, relaxed in high-stress surroundings and how to create structure in a structureless environment
  • Connect to a new city within two days or less
  • Deal with jet-lag- by not acknowledging its existence. Jetlag? Wot dat?
  • Document creatively, personally and intentionally.. while still remaining entirely present

MY ebook will answer all these questions,
But most importantly, how to:

  • Foster the feelings generally associated with the (often over-glamorised) notion of 'travel' in your every day, 'normal' life.. because there’s already plenty to discover, document, savour and to celebrate.. right where you already are.
  • All musings accompanied by personal journal entries, notes, life lessons, drawings, practical tips and tricks, and photos I’ve not yet publicly shared from the past couple years spent in something like 19 countries and 137 different homes. 
  • Hopefully, by shedding some insight light on my experiences, yours can become a little more enjoyable too.

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