An Open Letter to my Baby Brother

An open letter to my baby brother on his 21st birthday.

Dearest Bubba,

Twenty-one years ago today, a little, blanketed bundle was handed to me at the hospital- Benjamin Jakob Wilson: my first ever younger sibling. I was almost four at the time and definitely didn’t understand the magnitude of becoming a big sister- didn’t understand how important you’d be in my life not just in the now, but also later, in the hereafter.

The years went by and your little body grew- learned to walk, talk, and be: your little spirit growing comfortable in its new home on the Earth. You turned 5, 10, then 15. I would drive us to school together that year, windows down- introducing cold air on our faces, all the while with the heating blowing on our feet. We would listen to music at just the right volume and had our favourite together songs. We would talk about everything, deciphering earth-life and teenage problems and life problems. You would often sit on the stair leading in to my ever-evolving, monstrously messy and somewhat-like-a-living-sculpture of a bedroom, listening to me ramble, and then we’d pick up our guitars and I’d try to teach you songs by Megan Washington and you’d strum right along and we’d laugh and your laughter would shine through your eyes, as it has always done. My happy, patient, forgiving, kind, peace-maker of a baby brother. You are a gift to our family.

Years have passed since then- I moved out of home, finished my degree, then went to Germany, and while I was gone you went to Japan- your dream land. Our email exchanges as missionaries- as we both wore our favourite name on a black badge on our chests- were my favourite. I’d never felt closer to you, although we’d never been further apart. I remember when your scrawley handwriting on a piece of brown note paper tucked in an envelope came to my apartment one day, all the way to Germany, all the way from Japan. Your words had me in tears because your sensitive spirit knew just what mine needed that very second, and I distinctly remember thanking our Maker on my knees that night, over and over again, for organising us into the same family. And I still feel the same way. [...continued in comments]

Grateful to share our name and our genetic makeup, grateful to know you will be in my life forever, and some more.

Happy Birthday, baby brother. Sometimes I still listen to our favourite together songs and miss having you close by, but am at peace because I know that we’re both where we should be at this time- time being something that we’ll have endless amounts of together later, and then even more in the hereafter. Can’t wait to visit the magical worlds you’ll create. Thanks for loving me and always taking care of me, thanks for always being there.

Bud xx