Annette Sarah Wilson

Half-Swedish, quarter-Maori, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, based in Berlin, Germany.

My childhood consisted of cooking strange, colourful concoctions out of found ingredients, choreographing dances to 90's pop tunes with my sisters, riding bikes in the countryside, making terrible music on my tiny quarter-size violin and digging up tree roots with a fork, cleaning them with a toothbrush, and calling myself an archaeologist. My dream was to become a singer, a teacher, an interior designer, a journalist, a florist.. and every other thing I could ever imagine that would mean creating, learning, observing and appreciating. I was always working on some sort of project in some form of artistic medium, and eventually found myself forever with a camera come 2008. Things progressed quickly as I began to understand how I saw the world through this strange machine- and although with no intention of ever pursuing it beyond this, I have since been shooting professionally since 2011. 

Photography commissions have taken me all over Australia, to both the east and west coasts of the United States, up to Canada, to every corner of Europe and right across to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. My work has varied between multi-month projects for large commercial corporations through to witnessing and documenting a tiny baby take his first ever breath on this earth. I have worked backstage photographing some of my favourite musicians as they prepare to play for thousands of people, as a live-in photographer inside a mud hut in the most remote Nepali village imaginable and photographed many, many couples as they commit to a lifetime or an eternity with one another.

I love my job because I really, truly love people. I love showing people who they are, how I see them- and try my best to do so as honestly as possible.

Grateful for every opportunity to meet new people and experience new ways of life. Would love to meet you, too.

2013 New South Wales Art & Design Show, Sydney Säsonger, sound and video installation: 4-screen projection
2012 Tap Gallery, Sydney Awarded ActionAid People’s Choice Award
5 Days with the Parsons Girls, photographic essay, 8 prints 4x10”
2011 ArtExpress, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Entropy Suite, photomedia, 33x46”
2011 Regional Gallery of Goulburn, Goulburn Entropy Suite, photomedia, 33x46”
2011 Regional Glasshouse Gallery, Port Macquarie Entropy Suite, photomedia, 33x46”
2011 TexStyle Artistry Awards, Sydney Almanacka Klänning, wearable division, textile art
2010 Snapshot, Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest, Lower Blue Mountains The Essence of Fleeting, photographic collection, 5 prints 5x8”
2010 Headspace, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
The Oldest 17-Year Old in the World, photographic collection, 10 prints 11x16”