Image by the dear Luisa Brimble

Annette Sarah Wilson

Half-Swedish, quarter-Maori, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Mostly interested in documenting the realities of life in this mortal realmpeople as they really are, and life as we really know it.

My childhood consisted of cooking strange, colourful concoctions out of found ingredients, choreographing dances to 90's pop tunes with my sisters, riding bikes in the countryside, making terrible music on my tiny quarter-size violin, being read to every night by my loving Mother and digging up tree roots with a fork, cleaning them with a toothbrush, and calling myself an archaeologist. My dream was to become a singer, the Princess of Dolphins, a nurse, a teacher, an interior designer, a music video director, a journalist, a florist.. and every other thing I could ever imagine that would mean creating, learning, observing and appreciating. My bedroom as a teenager had zero space left on the walls- as I loved so many things. There were Christmas lights, Roman artworks, tribal masks, Oriental tapestries, instruments from every land, band posters and vintage sewing patterns covering every inch. I was always working on some sort of project in some form of artistic medium, and eventually found myself forever with a camera come 2008. Things progressed quickly as I began to understand how I saw the world through this strange machine- and although with no intention of ever pursuing it beyond this, I have since been shooting professionally since 2011. Having completed a degree in Digital Media at university- majoring in Installation Art/Sculpture and minoring in Ceramics and Permaculture, I then steered my life in a completely different direction and became a full-time volunteer missionary for the LDS church in Germany in 2014-2015. This experience expanded my understanding of divinity, creativity, the world and the people populating it more than ever before- and even more than that, the importance of keeping a mind, heart and one's door wide open at all times. 
Since returning, I have lived on the Central Coast of Australia, the Utah desert of America, with trips all over the US and Canada in-between, and have also spent 6 months in Europe, for both personal and professional pursuits- though for me, they are one in the same. Grateful for every opportunity to meet new people and experience new ways of life. Grateful you have read this far. Would love to meet you, too.

Installation and photographic works exhibited at: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia / National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia /  Regional Gallery of Goulburn, Goulburn, Australia / Regional Glasshouse Gallery, Port Macquarie, Australia / Tap Gallery, Sydney, Australia / Surry Hills Art & Design Gallery, Sydney, Australia / Sydney Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia / Penrith Regional Gallery & the Lewer's Bequest, Lower Blue Mountains, Australia / Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Broadmeadows, Australia

Select editorial, press and collaborative works: Bokehlicia / Alphabet Family Journal / Underbelly Arts Festival / The AU Review Music Publication / Hochzeitswahn / Mormonen Presse Deutschland / Mormon Newsroom / Let The Kids Dress Themselves / BlogShop / Polka Dot Bride / FBi Radio SMAC Awards / Post-Gig Gigs / SOFAR Sounds / Lukas Malbrun Films / Permaculture Institute of Sydney / Jackie Magpie